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Quo Vadis : MPASI Anak Indonesiadownload
Best Practice Pemberian Makan Bayi dan Anakdownload
Pemanfaatan Pangan Lokal Ubi Jalar Ungu (Ipomoea batatas) dan Kacang Hijau (Vigna radiata) Sebagai MP ASI Baruasadownload
Nutrisi Ibu Hamil, Bayi dan Kualitas ASI (Neonatology View)download
Gangguan Perilaku Makan Anak dan Penanggulannyadownload
Pola Pemberian MP-ASI Lokal Sulawesi Utara Dalam Mendukung 1000 HPKdownload
Pola Pemberian ASI dan Stunting Bayi Usia Enam Sampai Sebelas Bulandownload
Efektivitas Suplementasi Zat Gizi Mikro dan Makro pada Ibu Hamil,IbuMenyusui dan Bayidownload
Benefits of Probiotics in Child Feeding and Growthdownload
STUNTING DAN KUALITAS SUMBER DAYA MANUSIA - pentingnya Pelayanan Prekonsepsidownload
COMPLEMENTARY FEEDING OF THE BREASTFED CHILD – The risk of carcinogenic effectdownload
Pedoman PEenyiapan MP ASI Menurut WHOdownload
POLA ASUH IBU BEKERJA : Pemberian MP-ASI Beragam Untuk Mencegah Anak Stuntingdownload



PP No. 83 Tahun 2017 - Kebijakan Strategis Pangan dan Gizidownload
Instruksi Presiden Republik Indonesia Nomor 1 Tahun 2017 Tentang Gerakan Masyarakat Hidup Sehatdownload
PP No. 33 Tahun 2012 - Pemberian ASI Eksklusifdownload
Perpres nomor 59 Tahun 2017download
Lampiran Perpres nomor 59 tahun 2017download
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A systematic review of the associations between maternal nutritional biomarkers and depression and_or anxiety during pregnancy and postpartumdownload
A Study of Anemia in Pregnant Womendownload
A comparative study of oral iron and intravenous iron in iron deficient antenatal mothersdownload
Dietary quality of predominantly traditional diets is associated with blood glucose profiles, but not with total fecal Bifidobacterium in Indonesian womendownload
Universal health coverage in Indonesia: concept, progress, and challengesdownload
Hasil Riskesdas 2018download
Global Action Plan for The Prevention and Control of Non Communicable Diseasesdownload
Comprehensive Implementation Plan on Maternal , Infant and Young Child Nutritiondownload
The SDGs Will Require Integrated Agriculture, Nutrition, and Health at the Community Leveldownload
Can the sustainable development goals reduce the burden of nutrition-related non-communicable diseases without truly addressing major food system reforms?download
NUTRITION and the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goalsdownload
Integrating Nutrition and Child Development Interventions: Scientific Basis, Evidence of Impact, and Implementation Considerationsdownload
The Oxford Vegetarian Study: an overviewdownload
Transforming Our World : The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Developmentdownload
Global Nutrition Report 2017download
WHO healthy dietsdownload
history of the ketogenic dietdownload
The ketogenic diet - update on recent clinical trialsdownload
International consensus statement on clinical implementation of the ketogenic diet: Agreement, flexibility, and controversydownload
Long-term effects of a ketogenic diet in obese patientsdownload
Effects of Ketogenic Diets on Cardiovascular Risk Factors: Evidence from Animal and Human Studiesdownload
Nutrient profilingdownload
Adolescent Nutrition Policy and Programming in SUN+ Countriesdownload
The State of Food Security and Nutrition in The Worlddownload
Improving Nutrition and Health for Adolescentsdownload
A place for palm fruit oil to eliminate vitamin A deficiencydownload
Longitudinal change of selected human milk oligosaccharides and association to infants’growth, an observatory, single center,longitudinal cohort studydownload
Iron Fortification Programs And Iron Statusdownload
Moving from Efficacy to Effectiveness: Red Palm Oil’s Role in Preventing Vitamin A Deficiencydownload
Recommendations on Wheat and Maize Flour Fortification Meeting Report: Interim Consensus Statementdownload
Timing of Gestational Weight Gain on Fetal Growth and Infant Size at Birth in Vietnamdownload
Guidelines on food fortification with micronutrientsdownload
A Comparison of Retinyl Palmitate and Red Palm Oil β-Carotene as Strategies to Address Vitamin A Deficiencydownload
Branched-chain fatty acid composition of human milk and the impact of maternal diet: the Global Exploration of Human Milk (GEHM) Studydownload
A Study of Beta-Carotene Stability in Processed Vitamin A-Rich Foodsdownload
Food Fortification in Indonesiadownload
Nutritional Oncologydownload
Moringa oleifera: A Review of the Medical Evidence for Its Nutritional,Therapeutic, and Prophylactic Properties. Part 1download
Intergrowth-21st projectdownload
WHO recommendations on antenatal care for a positive pregnancy experiencedownload
Monitoring human growth from the womb to adulthooddownload
Calcium supplementation during pregnancy for preventing hypertensive disorders and related problems (Review)download
Calcium Supplementation in Pregnant Womendownload
Maternal Agency Influences the Prevalence of Diarrhea and Acute Respiratory Tract Infections Among Young Indonesian childrendownload
Low birth weight was the most dominant predictor associated with stunting among children aged 12–23 months in Indonesiadownload
Prenatal Vitamins, Nurturing Environment Boost Child Developmentdownload
Local food supplementation and psychosocial stimulation improve linear growth and cognitive development among Indonesian infants aged 6 to 9 months download
A study to assess knowledge and attitude of antenatal women about maternal nutrition attending a tertiary care centredownload
Branched-chain fatty acid composition of human milk and the impact of maternal diet: the Global Exploration of Human Milk (GEHM) Studydownload
Markers of Oxidative Stress in Human Milk do not Difer by Maternal BMI But are Related to Infant Growth Trajectoriesdownload
Timing of Gestational Weight Gain on Fetal Growth and Infant Size at Birth in Vietnamdownload
United Nations Decade of Action on Nutritiondownload
United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition : FAQsdownload
Estimating the Global Prevalence of Zinc Deficiencydownload
Nutrition in The First 1.000 Daysdownload
The Sugar Controversydownload
WHA Global Nutrition Targets 2025 : Stunting Policy Briefdownload
Dietary calcium and zinc defciency risks are decreasing but remain prevalentdownload
Nourishing Millionsdownload
Impact of the Mexican Program for Education, Health, and Nutrition (Progresa) on Rates of Growth and Anemia in Infants and Young Childrendownload
Incentivizing Nutritiondownload
Improving Nutrition Through Multisectoral Approachesdownload
Effects of prenatal food and micronutrient supplementation on child growth from birth to 54 months of age: a randomized trial in Bangladeshdownload
Impact of the Mexican Program for Education, Health, and Nutrition (Progresa) on Rates of Growth and Anemia in Infants and Young Childrendownload
Understanding Sustainable Diets: A Descriptive Analysis of the Determinants and Processes That Influence Diets and Their Impact on Health, Food Security, and Environmental Sustainabilitydownload
How to engage across sectors: lessons from agriculture and nutrition in the Brazilian School Feeding Programdownload
Maternal and child undernutrition: global and regional exposures and health consequencesdownload
Maternal and child undernutrition and overweight in low-income and middle-income countriesdownload
Maternal Nutrition and Birth Outcomesdownload
Essential Nutrition Actions Improving Maternal-Newborn-Infant and Young Child Health and Nutrition download
Higher Protein Dietsdownload
Maternal and Child Undernutrition : What works? Interventions for maternal and child undernutrition and survivaldownload
Promoting Optimal Infant Feeding Practice and Effective Use Of Complimentary Foods for Infants : Delivery Lessonsdownload
Global Nutrition Report 2016 Summarydownload
Global Nutrition Report 2016download
Schooling and wage income losses due to early-childhood growth faltering in developing countries: national, regional, and global estimatesdownload
Stunting di Indonesia , masalah dan solusinyadownload
Potret Wajah Masa Depan Bangsa Indonesiadownload
Kesehatan Ibu dan Anakdownload
SELF PLAGIARISM_06122014 ithenticatedownload
Poor maternal nutrition during gestation in sheep reduces circulating concentrations of insulindownload
Maternal Undernutrition and Fetal Developmental Programming of Obesity- The Glucocorticoid Connectiondownload
How maternal malnutrition affects linear growth and development in the offspringdownload
A Mixed-Method Impact Evaluation Design of a Mobile Phone Application for Nutrition Service Delivery in Indonesiadownload
Association between Maternal and Child Nutritional Status in Hula, Rural Southern Ethiopia- A Cross Sectional Studydownload
The third leading cause of death in the USdownload
SUN Movement experiences in Indonesiadownload
Global Nutrition Report 2015_Synopsisdownload
Global Nutrition Report 2015download
Effect of complementary feeding with lipid-based nutrient supplements and corn–soy blend on the incidence of stunting and linear growth among 6- to 18-month-old infants and children in rural Malawidownload
preventing and controlling micronutrient deficiencies in pupolation affected by an emergencydownload
Multiple-micronutrient supplementation for woman during pregnancy (Review)download
Effect of Prenatal multimicronutrient supplementation on pregnancy outcomes : a meta analysisdownload
Maternal Multiple micronutrient supplementation and pregnancy outcomes in developing countries : meta analysis and meta regressiondownload
Effect of Prenatal multimicronutrient supplementation during pregnancy on maternal and birth outcomesdownload
Addressing barriers to maternal nutrition in low‐ and middle‐ income countries: A review of the evidence and programme implicationsdownload
Antenatal Care – A Step Towards Safe Motherhooddownload
Associations of maternal nutrition during pregnancy andpost_partum with maternal cognition and caregivingdownload
Treatment of iron defciency and iron defciency anemia with intravenous ferric carboxymaltose in pregnancydownload
Maternal dietary intake during pregnancy and its association to birth size in rural Malawi- A cross_sectional studydownload
The Association of Maternal Age With Fetal Growth andNewbornMeasures: TheMumbai Maternal Nutrition Project (MMNP)download
Perinatal and lifestyle factors mediate the association between maternal education and preschool children_s weight status- the ToyBox studydownload
Maternal nutrition and weight management in pregnancy- A nudge in the right directiondownload
Impact of maternal nutritional supplementation in conjunction with a breastfeeding support program on breastfeeding performance, birth, and growth outcomes in a Vietnamese populationdownload
The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicinedownload
Compliance to Iron Folic Acid Supplementation among Antenatal Mothers Attending a Primary Health Centredownload
Determinants of low birth weight in the context of maternal nutrition education in urban informal settlements, Kenyadownload
Improving maternal, infant and young child nutrition in Nepal via peer mobilizationdownload
Maternal anemia is a potential risk factor for anemia in children aged 6_59 months in Southern Africa- a multilevel analysisdownload
Effect of a micronutrient‐rich snack taken preconceptionally and throughout pregnancy on ultrasound measures of fetal growth: The Mumbai Maternal Nutrition Project (MMNP)download
Co‐causation of reduced newborn size by maternal undernutrition, infections, and inflammationdownload
Iron Deficiency Anaemia is a Serious Maternal Health Issue During Pregnancydownload
Maternal anemia and underweight as determinants of pregnancy outcomes: cohort study in eastern rural Maharashtra, Indiadownload
Wasting and associated factors among infants aged 0-23 months in 13 provinces in Indonesia: Evidence from Indonesia Family Life Surveys (IFLS) 2000, 2007 & 2014download
Can early initiation to breastfeeding prevent stunting in 6–59 months old children?download
Stunting trends and associated factors among Indonesian children aged 0-23 months: Evidence from Indonesian Family Life Surveys (IFLS) 2000, 2007 and 2014download
The WHO Child Growth Standards - Indonesia inputsdownload
How does the Indonesian health sector contribute to the economy?download
Essential Nutrion Action (ENA) Updated WHO 2019download
Timing of Gestational Weight Gain on Fetal Growth and Infant Size at Birth in Vietnamdownload
A study on safe motherhood and child survival in coming days and to reduce infant mortality: Promote maternal and child health caredownload



Peran Periode 1000 HPK Dalam Menentukan Masa Depan Bangsadownload
Masalah Kesehatan dan Gizi Periode 1000 Hari Pertama Kehidupan di Tingkat Kabupaten dan Kotadownload
Kebijakan Rencana Aksi Nasional Pangan dan Gizi (RAN-PG)download
Upaya Peningkatan Kesehatan & Gizi Periode 1000 HPK (Hari Pertama Kehidupan) - Kab. Tanjung Jabung Baratdownload
Upaya Peningkatan Kesehatan & Gizi Periode 1000 HPK (Hari Pertama Kehidupan) - Direktur Jenderal Kesehatan Masyarakatdownload
Upaya Peningkatan Kesehatan & Gizi Periode 1000 HPK (Hari Pertama Kehidupan) - Kab. Magetandownload
Global Scaling Up Nutrition Movement : Roadmap and Strategies 2016-2020download
Efektif Intervensi Gizi dan Perkembangannya di Indonesiadownload
Peran Bidan Dalam Upaya Peningkatan Status Kesehatan dan Gizi 1000 Hari Pertama Kehidupandownload
Mempersiapkan Generasi Muda Untuk Menyongsong Bonus Demografi Melalui Pintu Masuk Kesehatan dan Gizidownload
Pemberdayaan Gizi Remaja Putri Dengan Pelatihan Pelatih Oleh Pondok Pesantren Tebuireng Jombang,Jawa Timurdownload



Food Allergy and Immunitydownload
Investasi Gizi 1000 HPK dan Produktivitas Generasi Indonesiadownload
Gratifikasi VS Sponsorship PKBdownload
Interactions Between Micronutrient Deficiencies and Tuberculosis during Adolescence and Pregnancydownload
Micronutrient Supplementation to Improve Nutrition and Health Outcomes of Adolescent Girls, Pregnant Women and Infantsdownload
Imunonutrisi HIV / AIDSdownload
Keberlanjutan Efek Intervensi Gizi dan Stimulasi Psikososial Pada Seribu Hari Pertama Kehidupan Terhadap Pertumbuhan dan Status Gizi Anak Usia 3 – 5 Tahun di Provinsi Sumatera Baratdownload
Role of vitamin D and folate towards the genetic potential in early life and adult phenotypesdownload
Status Gizi dan Pola Asupan Nutrisi Pada Remaja Awal Perempuan di Jatinangordownload
Faktor Risiko Pengasuhan Gizi Anak 0-6 Bulandownload